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Jason Liu

Chinese-American Businessman
Ph.D. at Brown University
Venture Investor in High-tech and related industries
The pioneer in Sino-American Cooperation
in Science and Technology  

    Dr.Liu is the pioneer in Network Revolution and New Digital Global Economy. He came from a family that contributes to laid groundwork for Modern Education. He is a Chinese American Businessman but is still active in Innovation, New Technology development and application; local community, economic civic and culture development.


    Dr.Liu made original contributions in Liberating the centralized, hierarchical network architecture while at Bell Labs. He was also the key figure in the founding of Belgium Shanghai Telephone Manufacturing Company in 1983 which was the Landmark Trade/Investment Deal between the West and the East. It was the one of the highest Technology Transfer to China legally with the Approvals of US DOD, DOC, State Department and CoCom of EU.

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