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North America Chinese Cultural Foundation has always been committed to the planning, organization, operation, sponsored many friendly cultural exchanges among China, the United States, and Canada.  Our foundation seeks the financial way to solve the problem of the capital in the cultural industry, including the area of culture, art, education, finance, trade, etc. We organize and operates cultural and academic activities, art exhibition, financial and cultural projects. Through these far-reaching exchanges, we have strengthened mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between the two countries.


At the same time, the foundation and its affiliated institutions also provide consulting services and financial support for companies, institutions, groups and government departments around the world.


North America Chinese Cultural Foundation aims to gather the energy of the elite Chinese in North America and build a platform for gathering and developing together.  We fully utilize our experiences in cultural activities, art exhibitions, forums,  fund promotion activity,  to promote a variety of projects that support and foster cooperation in other areas between China and North America. Especially in financing and cultural art funding to set up a sustainable integration and promote the great development of cultural industries and cultural undertakings.



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