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Cindy Fan




曾担任加拿大皇家银行(RBC) 的企业战略总监。



Cindy is the chief strategy director and one of the founders of Zincq. She is responsible for the development direction of the company in the field of wearable high-tech products.

Cindy has rich experience in Fortune 500 companies and is very familiar with the market operations in the US, Canada, and China.She used to serve as Director of Corporate Strategy at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).
Prior to studying in the United States, she successfully operated the Simad Group in China, which owns Smaed School, Simultaneous Series Books, Simado Audio & Video, and a number of publishing companies in China, such as World Book Press and Commercial Press. Haiwen Press has long-term cooperation.
Cindy graduated from the Tuch School of Business, Dartmouth College and she has published more than 100 books.

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