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The Academy's Global Attributes

Blue represents the sea, dark blue is deep ocean. And blue also represents the earth and the world.

The Painter's Painting Creation Function

Blue is the hue name of the pigment. It is one of the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) of the color.

Blue is unsubstitutable and has the same hue as the Chinese pronoun Dan Ching. It has a natural connection with the Academy.


The Establishing the Vision and Presence of the Academy


"Broadway to the sea," which means that all rivers and lakes in the world are bound to enter the sea.

Here the dark blue symbolizes the absorption of world civilization achievements and elite talents.


The Purpose of the Painting

​​Jiyuan Wan

The intensive research on ancient methods, inheritance and innovation, and absorbing others, inherited the past.

To spread the essence of Chinese art to the world

Introduction of the Gallery

  The North American Chinese Cultural Foundation is a global, non-profit, social organization with qualifications for corporate culture. Its purpose is to strengthen mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between Chinese people and other countries in the world, develop multi-level, multi-channel, multi-form global cultural exchanges, serve the cultural prosperity of China and the United States, economic development, and scientific and technological progress, and serve the world’s peace, human civilization contributes.

  The INDIGO Art Academy of the North American Chinese Cultural Foundation is a large-scale professional arts institution that integrates painting and calligraphy creation, research, education, collection, cultural exchange, and the development of the cultural industry with the support of painting and calligraphy.

  The INDIGO Art Academy of the North American Chinese Cultural Foundation will become the backbone of the development of Chinese and American contemporary painting art. The goal is to become one of the most influential professional painting and calligraphy art groups in China and the United States. Aiming to promote the Chinese painting and calligraphy art and promoting the development of the Chinese and American cultural industries, the Academies is committed to discovering and nurturing outstanding artists, displaying and inheriting outstanding works of calligraphy and painting; committing itself to international cultural exchanges and actively promoting Chinese painting and calligraphy arts to the world.

  Currently, the Gallery has assembled famous Chinese paintings, calligraphy, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, bronzes and other artists, theorists, arts and crafts masters, and art designers. It will also choose qualified Chinese artists through the annual Cultural Forum to join the academy.

  The INDIGO Art Academy of the North American Chinese Cultural Foundation consists of a group of highly respected domestic artists in the art of painting and calligraphy. It consists of a senior advisory committee and an art advisory committee. It consists of a group of outstanding contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy artists, famous critics of painting and calligraphy, and famous art scholars.

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